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    B.BOX – Hello Kitty Tritan Drink Bottle 450ml

  • B.BOX – Insulated Drink Bottle 350 ml

  • B.BOX – Insulated Drink Bottle 500ml

  • B.BOX – Insulated Sport Spout drink bottle 500 ml

  • B.BOX – Sport Spout Drink Bottle 450ml

  • B.BOX – Sport Spout Drink Bottle 600ml

  • B.BOX – Tritan Drink Bottle 450ml

  • B.BOX – Tritan Drink Bottle 600ml

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    B.Box – Tritan Drink Bottle Disney Frozen 450mL

  • Drink in the Box – Funtops

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    Drink in the Box – Large

  • Drink in the box – Large ( New)

  • Drink in the Box – Small (New)

  • MontiiCo – Original Drink Bottle (Fruity Pop Edition)

  • MontiiCo – Insulated Tumbler

  • MontiiCo – Mega Drink Bottle (Fruity Pop Edition)



B.Box Kids Drink Bottles

We recognise how important it is for children to have access to safe drinking water while participating in activities outside the home. Our collection of drink bottles & coffee cups aims at providing durable solutions that fit easily into busy lives whilst keeping hydration conveniently close by. With an assortment of bright colours & imaginative designs to choose from your child can wear these accessories with pride whilst indulging their sense of personal style and taste. Our products are composed using high grade. BPA free materials to ensure that your child remains free from health risks. They are robust and can resist damage from daily wear and tear making them an ideal beverage companion for all of lifes adventures. The combination of spill proof lids and accessible flip caps means the bottle or cups contents remain safely contained in all circumstances. Hydrating on the go has never been easier more convenient, or safer for you and your child.

Sustainable & Safe Choice For The Kids

At Vero Junior, enhancing children’s lives with innovative products goes hand-in-hand with caring for Mama Earth’s Long Term Health too! Every detail, and ingredient included while creating kids’ drink bottles or coffee cups revolves around reducing carbon footprint effectively ultimately preserving mother earth & your family’s long-term well-being! Safe also means strictly avoiding any potentially hazardous chemicals by using only nontoxic & BPA free materials. You leave the purchasing power to us, and we take pride in delivering products that adhere to the highest safety standards.

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