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To make tasty crepes you need the easy-to-move Crepes & Co mobile stand from Janod. Role play is essential for healthy development. It teaches children life skills, independence and inspires imagination. The stand has moving wheels lined with rubber to set up in the best position possible and has a storage area underneath for all of your utensils when the stall is closed. The chalkboard on the front displays the opening hours and specials of the day and included are 40 accessories to help you make and sell as many donuts, waffles and crepes as you can! The set includes a cash register with coins and notes, a waffle iron, 3 waffles, 3 donuts, 1 carton of 4 eggs, a jar of spread, 3 crepes, 3 fillings for the crepes, a bowl, a whisk, a crepe rake, 9 pieces of sliced fruit, a pair of tongs with silicone tips, 3 paper bags, 2 cardboard food boxes of milk and flour and a box of chalk.

Dimensions: 59cm x 33.5cm x 109cm

Age Range: 3 – 8 years

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