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Become a whizz in the kitchen and prepare tasty little dishes for your friends! Janod’s Lagoon Kitchen is made from wood and is fully equipped with an oven, microwave, refrigerator with magnetic doors, a pantry cupboard, stainless-steel sink, clock and a blackboard for your shopping list. The oven and microwave have movable knobs with sound effect and there are 3 hooks above the cooktop for hanging utensils. The cooktop has LED lights and sound effect just like a real kitchen, simply press the red buttons once to see the cooktop rings light up, then a second time to hear water boiling. Push the buttons a third time to turn them off but if you forget, don’t worry, nothing will boil over. The cooktop will switch off automatically after 30 seconds. The kitchen also comes with metals utensils including a ladle, egg flip and a pasta server, a saucepan and lid and a colander. It even has an oven mitt, a fried egg and 7 cardboard food boxes for cocoa, sugar, orange juice, pasta, cheese, milk and rice. Add the Janod Fruite or Vegetable Crate and you’re ready to cook up a storm!

Dimensions: 100cm x 34cm x 102.5cm
Age Range: 3 – 8 years


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