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HABA – Ball Track Bathing Bliss


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Bathing Bliss Water Funnel set features pouring, funneling and colourful fun.

Tumble, tumble, splish, splash! The water ball tumbles down the tracks, plops into the seesaw bucket and teeters back out again, spinning wildly in the paddle wheel to finally fall gently into the large funnel.

The funnel can not only be filled with the ladle, but also emptied as quick as a flash – push up on the valve, and sploosh, the water flows out again!

A perfect place to start your bath toy collection, just attach the suction cups in any design you choose, ladle in some water or use the ball included and you’re set for endless hours of bath time fun!

The set includes 1 funnel, 1 paddle wheel, 1 seesaw bucket, 3 tracks, 1 ladle and 1 water ball. The water ball features colourful rattle pearls in the centre and two holes for absorbing water.  

Size:  Watering Can 26 x 20 x 15 cm

           Funnel  13.5cm x 17cm

Ages  3+  years


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