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Spencil – Dome Umbrella – Assorted Styles


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Today’s forecast: FUN! Little adventurers will have a splash-tastic time with our Little Dome Umbrella designed specifically for them. Here’s why our Little Dome Umbrella will be their new rainy-day BFF: 

Deep Design: Our umbrella goes above and beyond with its deep dome shape, providing ultimate protection for those little bodies.  

Totally Waterproof: We take water resistance seriously, just like kids take jumping in puddles seriously. With top-notch waterproof material, they can conquer the rainiest days with confidence and keep their clothes dry. 

Easy to Hold and Close: We know how important it is to keep things simple, especially when little hands are involved. Our Little Dome Umbrella features an easy-grip handle, making it a breeze for kids to hold on tight. Plus, closing it up is as easy as pie, even for the littlest kids. 

Clear Panel for Easy-Peeking: Rainy days can be gloomy, but not anymore! Our umbrella’s clear panel lets little explorers keep an eye out for rainbows, curious critters, and their friends across the street.  

Sunny Prints for Rainy Days: We believe in bringing a touch of sunshine to every situation, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. The Little Dome Umbrella comes in a range of delightful prints that will brighten up any rainy day! 



  • Deep design to protect little bodies 
  • Totally waterproof
  • Easy to hold and close
  • Clear panel for easy-peeking
  • Sunny prints for rainy days 

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