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Viking Toys – Eco Sand & Water Mill Set


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This Viking Toys Sand & Water Mill Set is a great addition to all outdoor and indoor water play. This set comes with a sage green bucket with a cotton handle, a yellow sieve and a propeller water wheel structure that can all be nestled together for fun activities or for easy storage. See what happens when you pour water through the top sieve and it starts to turn the propeller wheel. This is great for teaching the children about cause and effect in a fun and enjoyable way that they will be sure to remember.

Children will enjoy watching the sand and water flow through the spinning propeller, changing the speed they pour them in to watch the wheel change from going at a slow and steady pace to a fast and rapid speed. This set is excellent for aiding in developing fine and gross motor skills. It allows the children to learn with a hands on approach that will help them remember the basic concepts that are being covered with real world examples. This allows them to relate what they are learning to what can be found in the world around them.

These high-quality toys are made from a renewable sugar cane plastic. Ecoline toys are made from sugarcane that is then processed and manufactured into an eco-friendly plastic. The sugar cane is a sustainable plant that helps reduce carbon emissions by binding and absorbing surrounding CO2 emissions. During this process the sugarcane absorbs more CO2 then what is takes to manufacture the Ecoline toys. Which overall makes their environmental footprint a positive one. This process also makes these toys 100% recyclable.

This is a great beginner set or you could even add to an existing play area, the features this set has offers a lot of versatility and play value. Size 13.6(W) x 10.8(D) x 35(H)cm.


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